About Us


AlcoveA small niche created by pushing a surface back and creating a focal point.

Just as the name suggests we took a step back within the larger room of Architecture and Interior World to create a small Niche and a Focal point of our own.

We focus on transformation of corporate, residential, hospitality and other spaces to work in sync with their Architectural and Natural surroundings. This delivery is assured and supported with more than 25 years of our experience in the industry to deliver End – to – End Design and Design + Build solutions.

As Designers and Solution Providers we focus largely on research and analysis based approach towards all our projects.

As an organization we thrive on

Innovation – Introduction of new ideas, strategies, systems, methods or devices is a key driving factor for everyone at Alcove. It is an integral part of our daily routine that pushes us to stay ahead of the curve.

Discipline – Time and People management are the epicenter of our core values whereby staying disciplined at professional and personal levels ensures that we have a perfect work – life balance. Thus timely project deliveries and healthy + happy personal lives of each and every team member on board with Alcove.

Integrity – Qualitative deliveries at professional levels are achieved by imbibing honesty and strong moral principles within the ethics of our organization.

Within this nascent stage of our beginnings, we can certainly say “We are in the process of constant Change and Evolution”. With these intents and a wish to transform the Architectural and Interior World, we are evolving.

Our Team


Founder / Principal

Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in the interior/architectural design industry. Expertise in design and build solutions for the corporate workplace. Striving on solutions to introduce and inculcate new ways of working within the built environment.

Parag Shah

Principal Partner

Principal Partner with over 20 years of experience. Great team management skills and takes responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the project.

Alpa Kapadia

Partner – Legal & Compliance

Vinita Rishi

Studio Head

Senior Designer with over 15 years of experience. Expertise on workplace projects. Skilled in design details, material coordination conceptualising design options which are context and space relevant.

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