Workplace designs have a direct correlation with efficiency and productivity for the organization. Hence it becomes imperative for the design of the space to contribute to the businesses current requirements, while perceiving and catering to the future of workplace designs. Maintaining what we call at Alcove as – ‘Design Balance’

For the constantly evolving work place, we at Alcove are always striving to introduce and inculcate relevant ways of productive working within the built environment and provide cutting edge solutions.

Our 25 years of knowledge based approach along with research, analysis and interpretations enables organizations to understand the industry resulting in better built environments.

We at Alcove facilitate a professional project delivery for Work Place designs by keeping following key elements in the fore front at all times:

Space Optimization: Work Place Designs at Alcove are all about making most effective use of real estate. Conversation of efficiency beyond number and how an optimized space enhances the use of real estate is a critical conversation for all at Alcove.

Cost conscious Approach: We at Alcove have curated our mindsets that look for value for money on an ongoing basis. Project deliveries within the discussed cost thus becomes integral to our proposed design solutions.

Timely Delivery: Client satisfaction and reliability on Alcove for timely delivery are the key driving factors for repeat jobs across the country from most of our clients. We at Alcove understand the emotion that drives a ‘Move-In’ target date and hence deliver it as committed.

Inspiring Architectural Interiors: Our workplace design projects are constantly aiming at improvising working environments and productivity. Thus these spaces are engaging us as Designers, end users of the premises and visitors to these places into a continuously inspiring world of Architectural Interiors.

With such high spirits we at Alcove repeatedly get engaged to inspire workplace designs of some of the prestigious organizations across the globe like Facebook technologies, Sony Pictures Networks, India Infoline Limited, Sterlite Power, Johnson and Johnson, Regus, 91 Spring Board, Time Now, Agfa Imaging amongst many others.

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