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Our portfolio


The client brief was to design a world class office which makes a brand statement as per the company’s image and meets with the next generation of work space challenges and expectations. Our job was to create a space that speaks about the client’s values and impact on the society as a whole by using a subtle art intersperse.

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Horizon Packs

Horizon Pack is a family owned manufacturing company for packaging material, essentially cardboard boxes etc. Their brief to us was to upgrade the working style of a firm that has long been used to an orthodox working environment.

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Financial Client

Some project briefs and requirements are extremely unique and they provide a very rare opportunity which most designers are longing for in their careers. Alcove got one such extremely rare opportunity with this project. The client took up a space in a 126-year-old neo-colonial building constructed in 1890 by a British architect. Our job was to respect the architecture of the building and design the office interiors to accommodate all client requirements.

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IIFL Cafe / Gym

Millennials today are extremely particular about their health and wellbeing. Providing a work-life balance is key to retaining these talents, and that is how the management team at IIFL along with Alcove focused on providing a space that communicates the company’s focus on the wellbeing of their employees. A Health Café and Gym on the same floor were born out of this ideology.

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Enernoc –now Enel X is a consulting firm that provides energy related solutions. They wanted their India office to be a cost effective, multi-functional space with a cheerful vibe. The space is planned for both open office & a few private cabins for the team managers. Keeping in mind the need to keep the design cost effective yet vibrant, the main idea was to use bright paints & graphics to make the space lively.

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