Workplace designs have a direct correlation with efficiency and productivity for the organization. Hence it becomes imperative for the design of the space to contribute to the businesses current requirements, while perceiving and catering to the future of workplace designs. Maintaining what we call at Alcove as – ‘Design Balance’


At Alcove we approach this segment of work with keen personal interest to create a balance between Art of aesthetics and Functional living spaces.

We believe that the key to a successful outcome in this nature of work is to create designs that are timeless. Our proposals can comfortably stand the test of time, style and trends yet come across as personalized to meet the clients brief and resonate with their personalities.

Alcove through its simple approach to complex requirements creates a signature style of providing beautiful solutions with complete ease.


Alcove is a studio that because of its size and structure can offer high quality and flexible services to a short list of extremely demanding customers, both  in regards to design and to personal treatment.

We have a structure that enables us to obtain high quality and extraordinarily personalized results.