Work Environment

The changing scenario that we see around us today is an indicator that the world needs to relook at the way we live and work. The cities and offices that bustled with activities and chatter fell empty and silent. Work for a large number of us moved home. The lines between home and work blurred. While this was the need of the hour, it may not be the solution over an extended period of time.

The need to collaborate, exchange ideas, the knowledge transfer and work as a team and its dynamics work better in real time in a face to face format rather than virtual. Hence the need to revive the office back to a mode that marries the ‘Social Connect with Social Distancing’

We interviewed top executives of various organizations and also conducted workplace adaption survey with employees to understand their perspective. Basis the survey results and our inferences we at Alcove came up with a “SMART” solution for a client that advocates hybrid work.

We hope you find the document insightful.