Data Driven Design

Data Driven Design

Data Driven Design

The traditional workplace layout is dead. The future of work now looks significantly different. Companies now have had to adapt to the sudden shift to hybrid work.

What does the future of work looks like ? What do employees expect ? This has changed. There has been a rapid transformation in workplace design to accommodate the fast-paced changes and evolving needs of today’s modern hybrid workforce.

This is because the office is no longer just a workplace.

The process of creating a successful hybrid workplace design must be guided by information about what works and what doesn’t.

This information needs to be gathered under 3 simple heads

● What the business needs
● What the user needs
● What the design wants

Hybrid Design solutions that are backed by this information tend to be more successful as they

● understand the target audience
● reveal the users’ pain points and opportunities
● Give opportunities for new trends
● Improve designs by adding objectivity.

Following this design process, provides healthy guidelines to ensure that the workplace meets user, business and design needs. It offers solutions that are unique and relevant.

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