Identifying and Working Towards Your Vision

Identifying and Working Towards Your Vision

Identifying and Working Towards Your Vision

Back in 2004 , Ar. Kulin Kapadia stumbled upon a book – “The New Office” By Francis Duffy. This book analyzed what business brains are saying about new ways of working. From how to accommodate new kinds of technology and the dissolving of boundaries between office and home, to the innovative trends in products and services worldwide.

This was the turning point to define a specialized career path towards workplace design. The book was an eye opener to new ways of working.

At that time, offices in India were still designed on the basis of a requirement list set forth by clients. Architects and designers would put that in a layout overlaid with aesthetic elements. However, Ar. Kulin Kapadia realized that the basis of office design depended on a lot more other than a basic requirement brief and that design was a process. This was a foundation for his approach to workplace design. A design that was based on research that would eventually lead to creating experiences that enabled employees to achieve their potential and which reflect the personality of the organisation. It requires not just an understanding of the science behind the workplace experience, but a true understanding of the organisation and its needs.

With his approach Ar. Kulin Kapadia got his first design research and strategy project for a 6,00,000 sq. ft. campus development for an Energy company in Pune. During this project he met in International design company who offered him a partnership in their India operations. This partnership further enhanced his managerial skills and widened his knowledge base for offices across Asia. This venture was for 6 years.

Armed with this experience he set forth to lay the foundation of his current design practice – Alcove. Alcove Designs was founded with a simple goal – to achieve the clients’ objectives every time. Every project is approached with a research based solutioning. The planning solutions strive to introduce and inculcate new ways of productive working within the built environment. This knowledge based approach, research, analysis and interpretation helps organizations to understand the industry resulting in better built environments. Their solutions are unique and distinct.

Discussing his current and future plans, he cites that he has invested in a Singapore firm, Paperspace Asia. Paperspace is a collective of diverse, like-minded Strategists, Designers and Change Activists. Professionals who believe in harnessing their distinctive strengths to elevate user experience through space, culture and behaviours across India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Ar. Kulin Kapadia states that they are now offering both international and local design solutions to clients in India.

Source: Chat Session with Ar. Kulin Kapadia

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