Entrepreneurial Beginnings- The First Client

Entrepreneurial Beginnings- The First Client

Entrepreneurial Beginnings- The First Client

After graduating in 1997, Ar. Kulin Kapadia was working with a design firm in Mumbai. Newly married then, he decided to take a short break to Sri Lanka.

On this trip he bumped into another traveler who happened to have a similar itinerary. This got them talking. A brief introduction led to hours of conversations around design, architecture, and all things creative.

The gentleman turned out be the client service head of one of India’s largest advertising agencies. They were looking at getting a new office space, and that’s where Ar. Kulin Kapadia was offered his first independent project.

Back again in Mumbai – Ar. Kulin Kapadia spoke to his bosses about this offer. They encouraged him to plunge straight into it. Ar. Kulin Kapadia teamed up with a few colleagues to form a design team and delivered an award-winning project. One project led to another. There was no looking back.

The foundations were laid. The drive and encouragement from his peers instilled the confidence to set up the practice. It’s been 25 years. The growth has not stopped. There were lessons learned on the way. Every project delivered thus has had its sets of experiences. There was a drive to better each project. The drive to learn, to imbibe and to share.

On the way, there were learnings in humility, to accept mistakes and to improve in the next project. Every project has a story to share. A story relevant within a context and valid through time.

The seeds sown back then are still growing, branching out.

Source: Chat Session with Ar. Kulin Kapadia

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